I'm Sonali Chandrakar, a product designer based in Farmington Hills, MI.

My design philosophy revolves around empathizing with users, believing that a deep understanding of the problem is key to crafting effective solutions.

With a foundation in Human Computer Interaction and a Master's in New Media Design from the National Institute of Design, I bring a wealth of experience to the table. My recent engagement with Bosch, I was a part of their global team elevating client experiences to drive business growth. My earlier stint at Moonraft Innovation Labs exposed me to dynamic challenges, designing for global brands including on-site work with international clients in Johannesburg, SA region. I thrived in a fast-paced startup environment, having spent three years navigating tight deadlines and embracing change. My journey began with a UX internship at Samsung, where I delved into the realms of Emotional Design, setting the tone for a career marked by a human-centered approach.

Hailing from the culturally diverse landscape of India, I've embraced different languages and have adapted to diverse environments. My upbringing in a family of givers has shaped me into an emotionally empathetic individual who values listening over talking. And my childhood passion for sketching and painting evolved into a fulfilling career in design, driven by an eye for detail and a love for creativity. When not working, you'll find me sketching, painting, or engaged in a game of Catan. A fan of dramas and thrillers, I unwind by binge-watching, and as a self-proclaimed foodie, I believe a good supper keeps both mind and body healthy.

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